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It’s always a good day to love your neighbor. Starting with the ones closest to you.

Make a difference in someone’s day today…



Blog post from Mary Kate Robertson.


This post is so so good! My Battle with Depression



If any of you guys need prayer comment and I’ll add you to my list! I’d love to pray for y’all.


random thoughts.


So last night I took my horse for a walk down to the orchard to get an apple and hang out for awhile. And on the way down there he kept reaching for the dead grass in front of him. I kept telling him to stop and I said,  “Don’t eat the dead stuff. I’ve got something way better for you. Trust me.”

And it got me thinking of how often we reach for what’s easy or what we can have RIGHT NOW, when God is saying, “Wait. I want to give you something way better. I want to give you the BEST.”

So don’t reach for the dead grass, wait for the juice apple!





Last month while on family vacation I was having a hard day and I was feeling pretty lonely and depressed. I started talking to my little sister about it and I said:

“I can hardly stand this…”

Cherry: “Then kneel.”

Me: “I do.”

Cherry: “Then do it some more.”


When you can’t stand it any longer, kneel.

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