I love this verse. I’m doing Driver’s Ed right now and being among non-believers is really opening my eyes to the fact that we as Christians need to live out Jesus. We need to point others to Him by the way we dress, talk and act. One of the girls in my class is a Christian and also homeshooled and a couple times I’ve noticed her answering the other kids in a mean unkind way. And every time it makes me cringe. I feel like grabbing her and reminding her that she is representing Jesus. The way she treats the other kids matters. I know these kids don’t care about God. But when we snap back when they ask a question, how are we representing Jesus? We are giving them the idea that Christians are mean unkind people who look down on others like they are ignorant?

Remember no matter where you are if you are one of God’s children you are representing him to other people. You are an ambassador for Christ. And people put there are watching. Are you giving them a good representation of Jesus? How are you doing at mirroring you Savior? Can other people see Jesus in you?