So tonight I’m working on preparing for my next small group meeting on Friday. I always seem to think I have it all mapped out in my head, I know what I want to say or get across to the girls but when I sit down to write it out I can’t find the words. Trust me I LOVE preparing for small group. It’s an excuse to stop life and be in God’s Word! Like really I look forward to it!!! Cleaning the house and that not so much… lol.

But I chose to talk about how God is our refuge for this meeting. I was thinking and looking up verses about His being our refuge and I just couldn’t get the words to come together. I ended up going for a walk in the woods in the dark and praying. I was asking God to take this and show me what He wanted we to share. Then it donned on me. Why do we need a refuge in the first place? Because of hard times or a storm. Then I started thinking about all the storms in my life and how after each one I can see that God brought it because He wanted my attention. He wanted me to get my mind off myself and look to Him. He wanted me to be completely helpless in the situation so I had to trust Him a 100%. He wanted me to see that I couldn’t do it with my strength. He wanted me to see that in Him I can find a safe place of refuge, a hiding place.

When this came to mind I had it… so I won’t only be talking about just the ‘refuge’ part but also about how God sends storms to change us and even bless us. It’s amazing how each time I think I’ve got it, when I don’t. And every time I tell Him I can’t do this I need you to show me, He does. He provides just what I need. He is faithful every time. When I step out of the way and let Him do the leading every thing goes so much smoother.