Beautiful view as we flew over Alaska on our way to the Philippines.

I really meant to post some pictures from out trip 4 years ago more frequently. But I happened to find these pictures that had been lost yesterday afternoon. So here are some more pictures from out trip.


Sassy Cherry… : P


He climbed up there on that bamboo tree… yikes!





We went up to the mountains and it was so beautiful!


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Charity prayed for us at their goodbye party. When she asked me if I would cry I said no… well as hard as I tried I couldn’t keep back the tears. 
As you can see… when I try not to cry they come in a flood.


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I left that place with very mixed feelings… after seeing how sad everyone was to see these three go and how sad they were to leave I felt like we were kidnapping them. My heart was very happy to be going home but I was very sad that we were ripping them away from everything they knew.
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In the United States for the first time! January 17th…
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We were met at the airport by our amazing family…

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I still remember what I told my grandma has she hugged me at the airport. I said I would NEVER leave the USA again. But how I have changed since then… my heart longs to go and serve in a different country. It’s funny how 4 years can change you.

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Looking back I was SO unprepared to be a big sister. LOL. I was a complete jerk and failed at the task. Going from being basically an only child all my life and super spoiled to being the oldest was NOT a good combination. For some reason I thought being a big sister meant controlling everyone’s lives down to the littlest detail. I’m so glad I’ve realized that’s not it at all!

SO thankful for these three crazy siblings! I love you all so very much! I know I haven’t always acted like it. But I am so very thankful God brought you into our family so I could be changed and forced to run to Him in my times of trouble and hurt. If you all hadn’t come into my life I don’t think I would be saved today. You all are what drove me to Christ. And I’m SUPER thankful for all the good and bad times. I love you all! And I’m looking forward to what this year holds! ; )