This is a note my little sister wrote and left on the dining room table. She is the one who 6 months ago hated God and said she was not a Christian. God has worked a miracle in her life. Over the past couple months she has grown sooo much! She LOVES reading her Bible and she takes time everyday to pray and spend time with God. She is so passionate about Jesus and it makes my heart sing! It makes me soooo happy to see how God is working in my family… she told me she was praying that God would change someone and He hadn’t so she gave up. She said that’s why she wasn’t a Christian last summer. Then she told me that she had remembered the Bible says to pray without ceasing so she started praying again. Her faith in the tough spot she’s in inspires me! I know the hurt she’s feeling because I’m hurt by it too, and to see her continue to pray for this person encourages me. She has such courage for a 11 year old… it makes me so happy!