Well 4 years ago I was in the Philippines meeting my new siblings. I was 11 then. It all seems like a dream in a way. I don’t remember the exact order of how things happened. But we got in at midnight and I remember laying in bed seeing a lizard run up the wall and I was so scared it was going to crawl all over me and in my bed. LOL. Let’s just say back then I was totally NOT prepare to be staying in a foreign country with lizards crawling on walls. It was very HOT there even in January.

When I think back over that trip I wish so much that I could go back. At that time I was not saved and I was full of myself. I ignored the kids at the orphanage and didn’t spend time with them. I was a selfish jerk. I hate who I was. How I wish I could go back and love on all those sweet kids. If only I knew how lucky I was to be able to be there. If only I knew how much Jesus wanted me to reach out.  But I can’t reverse time.

The next morning we met Catherine, Alex and Cherrylynn.

Charity is the orphanage director. She is super awesome and does so much. I love how she completely lives her life for Jesus. ❤




They had seen an old picture of me when I was a LOT shorter so when they first saw me they were a bit scared. LOL.




Pray with one eye open! 😂

So funny story… my mom, dad and I were eating breakfast with these guys for the first time and they kept staring at us like we were aliens or something. And Charity told us that we were using our forks. We laughed because that’s normal right!? She explained that in the Philippines they use a spoon and push the food onto it with a fork. I tried doing that for awhile but after  few days I gave up. 😂

Buying a pudding type desert.



I’ll share more pictures later!