So glad I got to take this girl to my church’s Christmas service! She’s truly a blessing from the Lord…

So at the Christmas service last night something that I had never grasped before popped out at me. Our elder was talking about how Jesus came down to earth and became fully human but yet lived a sinless life. He was saying how Jesus was temped in every way we ever are but didn’t yield. He knows are emotions and what we feel like. And that just struck me. He understands when I cry because I just want some one to hug. I have been beating myself up in a way for awhile because I feel like I’m not completely satisfied and content with Jesus because I’m crying and my heart is aching because I just want to hug some one and be able to talk to them. And I feel like I need to be completely happy with just Jesus. But He understands. He knows my emotions because He became human like me. He knows that sometimes as humans you long for another human to be with. And that’s okay. I guess last night I realized that wanting some one to hug and talk to wasn’t sinning. Because that’s what I felt like I was doing. So just remember whatever you’re going through He completely understands.