Got to go to church with these awesome girls from my small group today!

The sermon was very good. It was about Mary. It was kinda nice being home early on Sunday. Since we drive an hour and a half to church and stay for awhile after we normally get home kind of late. But today since it was below zero we went to our friends church in town about 10 miles away. So when we got home I was able to go take a walk in the woods… I’m kinda obsessed with the woods! 😉 I love going out there and praying. Not to sound weird or anything but I feel so much closer to God when I’m out in nature… the woods are my special place because I can go pray and cry or sing and nobody has to hear me. I really just needed some time alone and to be able to talk to someone. You know you may feel alone but God is there. He’s right there holding you in His arms… and He doesn’t mind if you cry. When you need someone God is there. He loves you and will never ever leave your side.