Well were to start…

Last night as I was about to climb in bed my sister Catherine stopped me and said she wanted to tell me something. She began by saying that she had just realized how thankful she was for me. She said she was so thankful that I was leading the small group because through that it helped her draw closer to God. And then she went on to tell me that after we finished praying during our group meeting a burden was lifted off her heart and she just felt free. She said she didn’t really think much about it until a bit later and then she realized that she was really, truly saved. I was just standing there thinking to myself, ‘Is there someone else in the room that she’s talking to?’  God used me. Sinful me. Imperfect me. And all I can say is, wow. He has worked through me. I’ve prayed that He would use me and He has. I didn’t do anything it was God.

I wish you could have heard the joy in her voice. She said, ‘It’s so wonderful to know you are one of God’s children.’ She kept going on and on about how excited she was to tell everybody that she had been saved and she wants my dad to announce it at church. I asked her if I could share it on my blog and she said, ‘Absolutely!! I want everyone to know what’s happened!’

Here read her words:

Hey Guys!

The reason I didn’t write what this blog was about is because I wanted to say I was a Christian but I wasn’t really sure. So I wanted to wait for that time to come ( If I was sure I was really a Christian.)   Any ways Dec 8 I excepted Jesus as my Savior and I will tell you how I became a Christian.

December 8, 2016, We where doing our little group called Bright Lights. It is where our little group of girl friends come together and study the Bible deeper together. My sister leads the group and I learn so much from what she say. I just realize how thankful I was that my sister is so bold for leading our little group. We start out by praying then have our study, do some crafts, have snacks and end by praying.

Now this is the good news you all want to hear. After Natalie got done praying I felt this Big heavy weight flew off me and I felt free and I also felt Peace. I didn’t know what that meant, but during devotions with my family I was pondering what that feeling I had was…… That moment I had realize that God opened my eyes and I excepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. So that night I was going to tell my sister Natalie how thankful I am for her.

When I told Natalie that I was thankful for her, she gave me a hug and said thanks. I really wanted to tell my story to her but we both were going to bed. But God reminded Natalie to check her ewe that can have her lambs any hours.   While we were walking to the barn that’s when I told her I had excepted Jesus and how I felt after our prayer she was so happy for me.

Any ways I told her that, Now I know why Scrooge says, I’m as light as a feather. Because I felt like it too! I was like ( As light as a feather? Seriously Scrooge?) Scrooge is from the Gospel According to Scrooge performance we went to.

When we went to bed again we both were to wide awake to sleep so we talked about how and when we became a Christian. Because I have always thought I was a Christian but I didn’t know what it felt to be a Christian. And I actually believed there was a God, I knew there was a God but I didn’t really care that much.

Well I hope you understood what I wrote. I want you all to know that I have never been super happy in my life until what I just experienced in my life. I love God so much and am so grateful I am His.

We were both too excited to sleep! We talked until at least midnight.What really stunned me was when she asked, ‘Am I your first convert?’ (She didn’t mean that I had made her believe, but that through my example God had worked in her heart and revealed Himself to her.)

But the joy that was in her voice was so amazing. I’ve never seen her so happy and excited in her life. This morning she couldn’t sit still because she couldn’t wait to tell everyone. She kept telling me, ‘I’m so excited I want to tell them now but I want Dad to be here.’

This is such a great reminder to me that how we live our daily life has an impact on people even though we may not see it right away. And God can use anyone to help bring others to Christ. This all happened right when I needed to be reminded that God is still here and working. I’ve had kind of a hard week emotionally and after leading the small group I was really thinking, ‘Are the girls taking anything home from this at all?’ I had to remind myself that we haven’t been doing this for a long time so I needed to press on and pray that God would work. I told myself ‘Look how many years missionaries work before seeing fruit’.  Then God showed up. And my sister tells me that through this small group she truly came to know Jesus.

So… thank you Mrs. Conaway for asking me to lead this group. I never would have guessed God would use it in this way.