Sign…. we have interesting times ahead of us with election in less than a week. But don’t get discouraged God is still sitting on his throne he holds the world in his hand. He decides who becomes president of the United States of America. He will guide us and protect us through everything. He holds the hearts of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Let me ask you this: are Trump and Hillary too far gone for God to save? No. Are their lives just as precious in God’s sight as ours is? Yes. Can God save them? Yes absolutely.

So I have a challenge for you all. Take 5-10 minutes a day and pray for the upcoming election, our nation and the hearts of Trump and Hillary. If we say they aren’t too far gone for God’s saving grace then let’s get on our knees and pray that God would have mercy on them and save them.

If you decide to do this I’d love to know! Share in the comments.