Y’all are very special to me and I am excited beyond words to share this with you… I’m going to be leading a girl’s small group! It is so overwhelming how God has moved to make this happen. I have been praying for a long time that God would show me something I could do in the community I live in to make a difference. A few weeks ago a good friend of mine asked if I would want to lead a girls group with her daughter and some other girls they knew. I was very shocked that she would ask me and quite frankly, scared. I am not good at talking in front of people and for some reason people can be scary. No offense. But I was almost going to say no when I listened to a sermon titled ‘Why do you hesitate?’. When God calls us to do something and we hesitate or say no; the blessing of that calling goes to someone else. I didn’t want to say no to something that I knew was God’s plan. He had answered my prayer.

I know this sounds crazy but I started another blog that I will be using to keep track of what happens! Stay tuned for updates…