It’s time for us to wake up… it’s time to get up and make a difference in the community around us. It’s time to shine for Jesus and not hide our faith. It’s time to step out in faith and follow what God has been telling us to do all along. It’s time we invested in someone besides ourselves. It’s time we got on our knees and prayed for repentance and revival to shake this nation. It’s time we proclaimed the true Gospel and stopped sugar coating the fact that we are all rotten sinners. It’s time we believers did something and moved. It’s time to be godly examples no matter your age….don’t hide the flame God has kindled in your heart. God wants all ages to serve Him. It doesn’t matter how old you are God can still use you in mighty was and He wants to!


This post from The Divine Presence was very, very encouraging to me and also it was nice to know I wasn’t the only one out there who felt like this. So take a few moments and click the link below and read this wonderful post! You will be encouraged…

Here are some words that I have heard very often… “She is too young to really know what the Bible says.” “She is too young to be posting on a Christian blog.” “She is too young and has no right to say anything about what God says about certain things in public or towards others.” […]

via But Be An Example. — the divine presence