I am so thankful for all God has done in the past two days! Sunday was wonderful… the sermon just hit home, it was on 1 Peter 5:8-11. And I found out my friends like conspiracy theory stuff and politics like I do, and most of all we had our first prayer meeting. It was absolutely amazing! You could just feel the power in the air and it felt so good to pray with them and pour out our hearts to God together. Begging for mercy for our country and that He would bring a great awakening. I feel more connected to my friends than ever before.

Anyway some of you may have gathered that I live on a farm, well we had one of our cows that won’t keep weight on tested for a disease that causes them to waist away and slowly die. We had to wait a week before we got the results back. If it was positive we would have to put her down, check the rest of the herd and put down the others if they were positive. So a big problem. Something that we were all praying hard about. Today the vet called… the test came back NEGATIVE!!! Praise God! We have a big and awesome God. Nothing is impossible with God… NOTHING.