Well here we go! I am really overwhelmed right now and need somewhere to pour it all out.  I just asked some friends to start a prayer group with me and never dreamed of the response I got for one of them. I haven’t got a response from the others because their letters just went out today, but one of them I emailed about it. You may ask why I didn’t just ask them straight out in person. Well I was scared and nervous (I wasn’t trusting God), my friends don’t really talk about spiritual stuff and it’s sad (I’m included in this and it’s going to change). Anyway this is what I sent her.

I was wondering if you wanted to start a prayer group with me. Nothing fancy and no one expects you to pray like a pastor! It’s your heart that God cares about. But God has placed on my heart that we need to be friends on fire for Him. We need to pray that He would set us aflame with the Gospel and that He would hear our prayers and bring revival to the USA, our church and lost family members. We go to church and say we are believers but when was the last time we talked about His work or prayed together? I can’t remember one time… to me that is very sad. I want to be better friends than just writing buddies with you, I want to be prayer warriors with you! Don’t you like the sound of that? Prayer Warrior… I hope you will join me. I believe we will see God work in MIGHTY ways when we pray together in unity. He loves it when believers pray together.

Matthew 18:20

For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”

So she sent back that she would love to and I am so blow away by God’s amazing ways. I never dreamed that she would react like that! I won’t post her response on here for privacy sake… But I have found a fellow prayer warrior in my friend that I have know for many many years. I’ve been praying for her, that God would mold her into who He wants her to become and that He would raise up His warriors. I am so overwhelmed. I trusted God and took a leap of faith and this happened…

Also last night my dad told us that we are going to do a Bible Study with some friends! This is an unspoken prayer answered for me. I have been craving time and study with other believers during the week since we travel and hour and a half to church. I can’t write in words how excited I am to get to study the Word with others and now pray with my friends. God has blessed me so much in one day that I am overflowing with joy!


awesome god