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What will it take?


My heart aches for all the little babies that never get to watch the sunrise, don’t get to feel the wind blow through their hair, don’t get to watch the blue ocean dance and hear the waves crash, don’t get to breath fresh mountain air, don’t get to hear the birds sing in the morning, don’t get to count the stars at night, don’t get to feel the loving touch of another human and hear the words, ‘I love you.’

What will it take to stop abortion? What do we have to do to stop the murder of innocent babies? What will it take? And are we willing to do what it takes? Are we willing to get off our rears and actually DO SOMETHING about it? Or are we going to sit comfortably in our churches as more and more little people, little Americans, are killed in the name of ‘choice’?

Will we do something? Will we give these babies a chance?

{ another journal }


Hello y’all! Today I took a big step and started another journal… this one is for all my random ideas and quotes I either make up or like. I think this is number 4 right now. LOL. I guess I just don’t know when to stop. But I’ve got to have a place to write down my big dreams! And I’ve got a BIG one brewing…



This made me laugh so hard! That’s gotta be what God does when I say I’m waiting on Him and then I run off and do something stupid… 😂🙄



{ miracle }


Does the thought of how much God loves you give you goose bumps??! That’s what it does to me…

It’s so amazing. I’m so imperfect. So messed up. But God looks at me and says, ‘I love you.’ Do you realize that God loves you more in a moment than anyone on Earth could love you in a lifetime? It’s mind blowing!

No matter how dark your day may be, look up, and remember God LOVES you. He is with you. He is watching over you.



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