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I found The S.O.A.P. method  a few days ago and have been doing it. It is a very simple approach to studying the Scriptures and I’ve found it very helpful and it gets your mind going!

If you start using it go ahead and tell me in the comments!



finding f r e e d o m.

From Let Me Be a Women 

I have struggled all my life to obey God’s call for me to be a women. I’ve always tried to be the tough farm girl that isn’t afraid to get dirty. But I now know God has called me to be a women and to be feminine. And in that I have found freedom. It doesn’t mean I can’t be outside working in the dirt. But simply that I except who God has made me to be. I’m a women. Made in God’s image and loved by Him.

One page to go!


Finishing up this amazing book while cooking dinner! Only a page left… But I’m probably going to be looking back and reading other parts over again!

What is sin? – the divine presence

A great wake up call! Sin is sin. No other way to look at it.

There is something that is destroying the world today, and yet is being preached in churches. There is something that is causing false conversions, yet is glorified by ignorant Christians. There is something that is giving people the wrong idea of God Almighty, of true Christians, and leading people to Hell while they think they […]

via What Is Sin? — the divine presence

Shine for Him!


This is my daily prayer… please let me be a light for You in the darkness. Help me shine so that through me others can see You.



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